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Each building design project by CASHOME Design & Contract comes to life thanks to the love for things done well and attention to people.

An expertise with high added value, capitalized on almost 50 years of activity in the construction, renovation and major works sector.

complete service, aimed at accompanying customers in the realization of their project, be it a single room or a complex renovation and/or re-makeup intervention in the residential, tertiary, commercial, infrastructure and industrial sectors.

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Our projects

Trust the professionalism of the Cashome Design & Contract Team for the turnkey design of your home.

CLM Hause

This extension is the result of the need to expand this house, located in the south of France and handed down from the family heritage….

The minimal

The minimal décor defines the “rooms” within the open plan and offers comfortable seating, but allows the art to stay center stage. A charcoal-colored carpet…

The Nid 21

The building is located in Kalamata, within a vast olive grove, which is a pocket of nature enclosed in a rapidly growing part of the…

Panoramic Penthouse

Above us only the sky. This is what happiness looks like. The attic was born as a space of inexhaustible inspiration. Panoramic shower, multi-level terraces,…

Bilo Y

For any designer, “their” client is a great success. However, what about the client’s “own” designer. Mutual understanding and trust throughout the design process guarantee…

Kaunas Residential House

The house is located in a picturesque part of the city of Kaunas, in the Kleboniškis forest. The place itself is interesting, because it is…

Integrated design

For Cashome Design & Contract carrying out an integrated design means paying the utmost attention to the development of each part and component of the architectural, structural and plant engineering project to make every space comfortable and efficient. Original concepts, designed to give shape to your dreams.

General contractor

Cashome Design & Contract is a General Contractor who governs each phase of the project with efficiency, professionalism and timeliness, to comply with the schedule of the specifications approved by the customer, organizing all the operational phases and the workers for the delivery of the work on time and at rule of art. A clear and transparent operational planning, which only a reliable and efficient partner, with years of experience, can guarantee and ensure.

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